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BitPay API Update Lets Apps Enable Easy Bitcoin Refunds

Pete Rizzo (@pete_rizzo_) | Published on September 18, 2014 at 23:05 BST


BitPay has introduced the newest version of its BitPay API, a representational state transfer (RESTful) service that will allow the customers of all API-using developers to initiate refunds directly from those applications.

The updated API follows a string of recent releases for developers from a number of key bitcoin companies, including Coinbase’s free API toolkit Toshi and‘s competing service PlugChain, both which target app developers and were revealed in the past week.

For BitPay, however, the emphasis of the release was on the convenience the update will provide for the customers of API users, who will now be able to interact with merchants in a manner more familiar to the users of other payment methods.

BitPay’s Eric Martindale wrote in the official announcement:

“We hope [this] will lead to more smooth Bitcoin payment experiences for everyone, regardless of platform or wallet.”

Outside of this update, Martindale said that BitPay’s primary goal was to better ensure the security of transactions on its platform and to increase the number of resources available in its API without adding complexity.

For merchants, the company also updated its Billing API so companies that accept bitcoin can automate the submission of bills, allowing them to request future payments.

The API integrates BitPay’s earlier offerings with BitAuth, the company’s decentralized authentication tool. Further, as it uses the Bitcoin Payment Protocol, BitPay refunds will work with any bitcoin address or wallet service.

Move toward tokenization

Yet, another emphasis point for the company was that this latest version of its API cryptographically secures interactions with BitPay through tokenization.

Martindale indicated that all requests made to its API will now need to be signed with BitAuth keypairs. These signatures, he explained, are then matched against other parameters to verify that the security of the payment.

Expanding on the possibilities of this latest addition, Martindale wrote:

“Tokens can be restricted to an identity, requiring a signature by that identity to utilize, or even a list of identities – perhaps a group of devices (such as point of sale tablets) or a list of people and their keys.”

Notably, the movement by BitPay toward tokenization follows Apple’s use of similar security methods for Apple Pay, its new payment product introduced last week.

Open-source API

Overall, BitPay framed the release as one that also opens up the abilities of developers to interface with its API in new and more creative ways.

As such, the post concluded with the company directing users to contributions developers have made to Bitcore, the company’s open-source Javascript library unveiled in February.

BitPay ended this post by further stressing this call to action, adding:

“We look forward to seeing what you build.”

Disclaimer: CoinDesk founder Shakil Khan is an investor in BitPay.

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Calibre Lancer Watch Collection

Legendary B-1B Lancer Over Pacific Ocean

by John Sealander  

One of the Most Versatile Long-Range Bombers Ever Conceived
Serves as the Inspiration for this Equally Versatile Timepiece

Calibre WatchesThe legendary Rockwell B-1B Lancer has served in many different capacities for the United States Air Force since it was originally conceived in the 1960’s. This sophisticated variable-sweep wing aircraft was developed during the cold war as a supersonic, long-range nuclear bomber. The controversial bomber filled a vital gap between an aging B-52 fleet and the new stealth technology that would eventually replace it.

As the Cold War ended and the need for manned nuclear bombers diminished, the Lancer was reconfigured for sub-sonic, low-level penetration bombing to support the regional conflicts that were popping up around the world. Equipped with advanced defensive electronics and modified for conventional weapons and heavier payloads, the B-1B Lancer served admirably in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kosovo. With 61 world records for speed, payload, distance, and time-to-climb, the Lancer is still an important part of today’s modern air force.

Calibre SC-4L1-04-007 Lancer Calibre SC-4L2-04-003 Lancer
Calibre SC-4L1-04-007 Lancer Calibre SC-4L2-04-003 Lancer
Click to Enlarge Image Click to Enlarge Image

The longevity and versatility of the B-1B Lancer provided the inspiration for the equally versatile Calibre Lancer watch collection. The impressive 44 mm Lancer shows its military roots with an uncluttered, easy-to-read dial that is available in both chronograph and three-hand configurations. The massive stainless steel case is water resistant to an impressive 330 feet. All models are equipped with a protected crown, a comfortable rubber strap, and bright luminous hands, making this versatile timing tool ready for anything.

Calibre Lancer
Calibre Lancer
Calibre Lancer
Calibre SC-4L2-04-001 Lancer Calibre SC-4L2-04-007 Lancer Calibre SC-4L2-04-079 Lancer
Click to Enlarge Image Click to Enlarge Image Click to Enlarge Image

The Lancer utilizes a unique corrosion resistant copper dial that is available in four different colors. Surrounding the large, pilot-style dial is a black, IP coated stainless steel unidirectional rotating bezel that is clearly marked in 60-minute increments. Like it’s namesake, the Calibre Lancer is suitable for a variety of missions. It makes a great diver’s watch, pilot’s watch, or even a fashion statement.

Calibre Lancer
Calibre Lancer
Calibre Lancer
Calibre SC-4L1-04-001 Lancer Calibre SC-4L1-04-003 Lancer Calibre SC-4L1-04-079 Lancer
Click to Enlarge Image Click to Enlarge Image Click to Enlarge Image

Dependable Swiss made Ronda movements power the Calibre Lancer and Lancer chronographs. The chronograph models include three-well placed sub dials with two pushers flanking the crown for timing events. Both versions feature a convenient date window at four o’clock. If you’re looking for a military-style watch that’s ready for anything, contact your authorized Calibre dealer immediately and ask to see the Calibre Lancer Collection. There are eight exciting models to choose from and one of them has your name on it.

Gevril Group US Agent for Calibre Watches

Gevril GroupGevril Group is the sole US agent for Calibre Watches. Contact us by email or call 845-425-9882.

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Brian Stuard went 395 straight holes without a 3-putt and 7 other eye-popping stats from the PGA Tour season

News & Tours

Brian Stuard went 395 straight holes without a 3-putt and 7 other eye-popping stats from the PGA Tour season

By Alex Myers

Thanks to Bill Cooney at the PGA Tour for putting together a roundup of some of the 2013-14 season’s most interesting stats. Here are a handful that caught our eye:

– Brian Stuard went 395 holes without a three-putt. That’s more than five full tournaments without a three-jack. Perhaps, just as incredible is the fact that the PGA Tour average is 80 holes or more than one full tournament. These guys are ridiculous.

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Odds are, Brian Stuard didn’t three-putt this green.

— Speaking of incredible putting streaks, Gary Woodland made it through a second straight season without missing a putt from inside of three feet. He made all 770 of his short putts and has converted 1,641 out of 1,641 the past two years. Maybe to speed up play, the tour should allow him to pick it up when he’s inside the leather.

— Not everybody on tour putted great, though. There were four recorded six-putts at tournaments this year. We won’t mention those players’ names because we don’t want to embarrass them. Eh, they’re big boys. Graham DeLaet, David Gossett, Mark Wilson, and Jeff Maggert.

– Speaking of embarrassing, John Daly wins first place in the “obvious leader in a stat category.” There was one score of 12 recorded during the season. It was by Daly at the Valspar Championship. You may remember that as the time John Daly shot 90 on the PGA Tour.

– Runner-up in the “obvious leader in a stat category” is David Toms. The accurate driver hit 36 consecutive fairways at one point during the season. As predictable as it was for Toms to have the tour’s longest such streak, it’s still pretty impressive.

– The best streak of hitting greens in regulation goes to another short hitter, Tim Clark, who gave himself a birdie putt on 28 straight holes. You may be surprised to know that Chad Campbell led the tour in GIR for the season at 72.4 percent.

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– What about the bombers? Bubba Watson led the way in driving distance in 314.8 yards per poke and had the longest drive of the season with a 424-yard blast at the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational. Rory McIlroy’s 334.8-yard average at that event, though, was the best average by anyone in a single tournament.

– Back to the more distance challenged, Jim Furyk proved yet again that you don’t need to be long to be a success on tour. Furyk’s scrambling average of 69.33 percent led all players and was the fourth-best mark in tour history. Furyk also wound up earning the most money ever in a PGA Tour season by a non-winner ($ 5,987,395). Not a distinction he was hoping for, but not the worst thing to happen to a tour pro, either.

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From the C/D Archives: BMW 850i Tested!

From the C/D Archives: BMW 850i Tested!

The editorial belly is having trouble digesting the BMW 850i sports coupe. Maybe it’s the price. Any car costing $ 90,000 ought to do everything but make coffee—maybe even that too. When it comes from Germany and wears the blue-and-white BMW badge on its hood, you expect it to send your blood pressure off the scale with its acceleration and handling, while coddling you as if you were a Saudi oil minister. READ MORE ››

Car and Driver Blog

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What Could’ve Been Most Expensive Rolex Fails to Sell at Boston Auction

Posted by: American Hard Assets in Jewelry & Gems 2 hours ago

Sep 18 (Bloomberg) —  Following our previous post at Solid Gold Rolex to Become the World’s Most Expensive Timepiece, An 18-karat gold Rolex Datejust that belonged to Dwight D. Eisenhower, President of the United States and famed World War II general, failed to sell today at RR Auction in Boston, Massachusetts.

This is certainly one of the most famous Rolex watches of all time, one with real significance for history buffs and watch lovers alike, so it is surprising that it did not make it into the hands of a new collector this afternoon.

The pre-auction chatter about whether or not this would become the most expensive watch ever sold was rendered mute with the fall of the hammer. The bidding started at $ 100,000 and according to Bobby Livingston, RR Auction Executive Vice President, Public Relations, bidding climbed to around $ 475,000 before stalling out. This was short of the undisclosed reserve price and the watch hammered unsold. RR Auction will likely reach out to the bidders and private collectors in the coming days in an attempt to find the watch a new owner.

Becoming the most expensive watch ever sold would have required a final price over $ 11 million dollars. To beat even the current champion of Rolex watches would have called for a bidder shelling out more than $ 1.22 million.

History on the Wrist

The 18-karat yellow gold Datejust was given to Eisenhower by Rolex in 1951 to celebrate the production of its 150,000th chronometer-certified watch. It features a matching 18K gold Jubilee bracelet, a style first introduced on the original Datejust in 1945. Notably, Rolex had already given its 50,000th chronometer to Swiss general Henri Guisan and its 100,000th to Winston Churchill. The case back is engraved with his initials “DDE,” his five-star general insignia, and the date that he was appointed Supreme Allied Commander of Europe by NATO. The bracelet clasp also reads “DDE.” Was Eisenhower really that worried about losing his watch?

i8symo1IbHEg What Couldve Been Most Expensive Rolex Fails to Sell at Boston Auction

This is the first time the Eisenhower Datejust has come up for public sale. Eisenhower left the watch to his valet and friend Sargent John Moaney, whose widow eventually sold it to the Raleigh DeGeer Amyx Collection, the consigner for this sale. A few things were changed on the watch since its presentation in 1951, including a new dial with tritium instead of radium markers and a Cyclops magnifier crystal, both of which were added at the request of Eisenhower himself.

Provenance Reigns

iwz270FrhPqY What Couldve Been Most Expensive Rolex Fails to Sell at Boston Auction

While often watches belonging to well-known luminaries are apocryphal or emerge from a cloud of mythology decades after the person’s death, this Datejust is extremely well-documented. In fact, the July 21, 1952 cover of Life magazine is one step short of a straight-up Rolex advertisement. Eisenhower, the soon-to-be-elected President, grins at the camera, with the gleaming watch on his raised left wrist. Collectors have been coveting the watch ever since.

Provenance can do crazy things to the price of a watch. In July 2012 a Heuer Monaco worn by Steve McQueen in “Le Mans” only missed the $ 800,000 mark by a few dollars. This was not the only Monaco he worn during filming, and it still sold for nearly 1,000 times the price of a comparable piece without the star appeal. McQueen is cool, but 1,000x cool? (Don’t answer that.) This was sold as part of a Hollywood memorabilia auction, not a watch-specific sale, and almost certainly sits on a shelf next to vintage racing suits and movie props, not in a watch safe.

i5nvcunuQGFY What Couldve Been Most Expensive Rolex Fails to Sell at Boston Auction

Similarly, it’s important to note that a non-sale on the Eisenhower watch is not indicative of the high-end vintage watch market at large. The final bid on this watch was still orders of magnitude larger than the price of a similar watch without the provenance.

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